Alumni Association 2018-19 Leadership Team

2019-2020 Rotary District 7600 Alumni Association

What is an Alumni?

  • Rotary alumni are individuals who participated in any Rotary Foundation sponsored program or scholarship, including Group Study Exchange, Vocational Training Team, Peace Scholar, Global Scholar (formerly Ambassadorial Scholars) and Global Grant Organizers who have gone on-site. Alumni include both Rotarians and non-Rotarians and may also include other members of the Rotary family, such as Interact, Rotaract, Youth Exchange and RYLA.

What is the purpose of the Alumni Association?

  • To encourage fellowship among Alumni and Rotarians, and facilitate participation, sponsorship, and promotion of Rotary related projects, activities, and programs. Close association between Rotary and the Alumni Association is encouraged so that the achievements of the Alumni, as well as Rotary, can continue to be enhanced and recognized.

Alumni Association Leadership Team

    District Governor Clenise Platt (Group Study Exchange)

    Association President: Vadim Ostrovsky (Peace Scholar)

    Past President: Ken Hodge (Grants & Youth Exchange)

    Association Secretary: John Miller (Ambassadorial Scholar)

    Social Media Chair: Megan Smith (Ambassadorial Scholar)

     Speaker Bureau Chair: Alexandria Ritchie (Rotaract)

    Team Members >

     Tyel Banks (Group Study Exchange)

     Colleen Bonadonna (National Immunization Day) 

     Mary (Boo) Elmore (Group Study Exchange)

     Cora Huitt (Grants and National Immunization Day)

     Jan Rowley (National Immunization Day)

     Sarah Saville (National Immunization Day)

Alumni Advisor: PDG Jim Probsdorfer

For more information or to be added to our distribution list to receive periodic updates and invitations to events via email, please contact Jim Probsdorfer (757-868-0981) or Megan Smith (202-384-7986) You can also like our Facebook Page to stay in touch and see news and updates.