Though it seems like such a long time ago, the District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) hosted two virtual Grant Management Seminars (GMS) on February 19 and on March 24. Both sessions were well attended. As a result, 51 Rotary Clubs and 4 Rotaract clubs are now certified to apply for and/or partner in Rotary grants during the coming year due to their live attendance in a GMS.

The GMS team included incoming Chair of the DRFC, Past District Governor John Padgett, Grants Chair Shel Douglas, District Grants Chair Raghavan Sadagopan, and Foundation Scholarships Chair Michael Little. All did their share of the presentations and slides, and Raghavan did the heavy lifting hosting the Zoom sessions. On February 19th, Raghavan was also supporting tech support to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. That is what we call multi-tasking.

Now the clubs are working on their grant proposals well versed in the requirements and deadlines of the grant application process. The grants team members are available to assist when there are unique questions and the grant module on dacdb can be accessed so that prior successful grants can be reviewed to provide guidance on the application process itself.

P.S. The Rotaract Clubs qualified to apply for or partner in a Rotary Grant are Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU Rotaract), RotaractRVA, Old Dominion University (ODU Rotaract), and John Tyler Community College (JTCC Rotaract).